Senior Executives
In a structure unique to Chicago Metropolis 2020, we have identified a team of "Senior Executives." Many of the individuals below have agreed to volunteer at least 50% of their time and efforts on behalf of our various projects to enhance both the quality of life and equity of opportunity for all of the residents of the Chicago region. They serve as an unmatched repository for public policy knowledge in a number of fields and each of them has made significant contributions to the work program of Chicago Metropolis 2020.

Senior Executive Biographical Information:

» Donald G. Lubin, Chairman

» George Ranney, President and CEO

» Frank H. Beal, Executive Director

» The Hon. Nancy L. Firfer, Senior Advisor

» King W. Harris, Senior Executive

» James C. LaBelle, Vice President

» Adele S. Simmons, Vice Chair and Senior Executive

» Paula Wolff, Senior Executive